Kathakali is a classical drama-dance, originated in Kerala in 17th century. Inspired by Hindu mythology, Kathakali has a unique combination of literature, opera, dance, epics, music, percussion, makeup, costumes, facial expressions, body movements.


Dr. Ganesh started learning Kathakali at the age of 12. His teachers include Sri Kalanilayam Madhumohan, Sri R.L.V. Damodara Pisharidi, Mrs Saritha Varma, Sri Sadanam Balakrishnan and Sri Kalamandalam Biju.

He performed Kathakali in various countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. He got an opportunity to play Kathakali in front of Singapore president Mr. S.R. Nathan as part of World Malayalee Conference in 2008. He has conducted many live Kathakali demonstrations in Singapore and Indonesia. He was part of the team, which represented Singapore in International Ramleela festival held in Madhya Pradesh in 2008.

His expertise is in ‘Pacha’ (Arjunan, Akruran, Krishnan, Rama etc), ‘Minukku’ (Lalitha, Mohini etc). His parents are Sri S. Neelakanta Iyer and Sreemathi P Vasantha. He has a younger brother Mr Girish who is a Mimicry/Monoact expert. His wife Lakshmy Ganesh is a violin expert.  Dr Ganesh is also learning Karnatic Music, Violin, Terukoothu and Mridangam.


Dr Ganesh has written a new Aattaktha "Sri Mookambika Mahatmyam" depicting the story of Goddess Mookambika. Details in English can be found here here. Details in Malayalam can be found here .




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Pulikesi in Terukkoothu


Rama/Lakshmana in Terukkoothu


Evil lady character in Karhakali - Kari


Sri Krishna in Kathakali - Pacha


Female character (Goddess Mookambika) in Kathakali - Minukku


Duryodhana in Kathakali- Kathi


Evil character in Kathakali - Red Beard


Minister/Messenger in Kathakali - Minukku


Hero character in Kathakali  - Pacha